St. Patrick’s Day Party Sneak Peek!

1 03 2009

Hello Fellow Penguins!

The Saint Patrick’s Day party in Club Penguin will happen on March 13th and go to March 17th. There will also be another old party returning this month. The Snow Sculpture Party! Here is a sneek peak of the ST PATS day party!


Waddle on!

Puff Daddie2


Puffle Video!

21 02 2009

Hello Fellow Penguins!  <——-New Greeting

Today Club Penguin did something on the blog that they have NEVER done before! They made a video all about puffles. This is sort of like publicity for the puffle party. It’s really cute and fun. To view it,



Pretty cool! Looks like it took a long time to make!

Waddle on! – Puff Daddie2

Puffle Party 2009

20 02 2009

Hey Everyone!

I’m back with a little free time on my hands, so I can do a post! Today, the Puffle Party started in Club Penguin! It is so much fun! Depending on what color puffle you are walking, some of the decorations will match the color of your puffle! Just like the Pet Shop. It gets a total makeover depending on what puffle you walk.

Blue Puffle


Red Puffle


This puffle color thing applies to other rooms as well. The over all party is awesome. Probably one of my favorites in Club Penguin next to the Christmas parties. My favorite room is the one deticated to the blue puffle. It’s a huge ball pen, and its at the Forest.


There is also a new room! Go to the Snow Forts to check it out! I can’t unveil all of secrets.


You have to check it out for yourself!

**********BREAKING NEWS**********

A new puffle could be coming to Club Penguin! Guess what color? WHITE! WHITE! WHITE???? BLAH! Why would you have a WHITE puffle? How about something colorful, like orange, or a rainbow!! Anyway, it is spotted about every 30 minutes at the Dojo Courtyard. Here is a picture


Thanks Lanpard!

Puff Daddie2

Hey Everyone!

20 02 2009

Hey All!

I have been very busy latley, and I haven’t had time to post. Once I get some more free time on my hands, I will start to blog again!

In the mean time, visit for Club Penguin News.


12 02 2009

Hey Everyone!

I have gotten a TON of entries for the coin contest! But you can STILL enter! It doesn’t end until February 26th, 2009! You can win a Club Penguin Toy Coin with a secret code on the back to unlock special items online!

Click here to enter.

Waddle on! – Puff Daddie2

Club Penguin in French! Puffles will play Friday!

10 02 2009

Hey Everyone!

Club Penguin now has a few French servers! I think it’s really cool to explore the game in a whole other language.


It’s really cool to see what all of the different names are of everything, from the Pet Shop to the Dance Club.


Lastly, this Friday, Puffles are going to start playing with their furniture. If you already have puffle furniture, you DONT need to buy anymore. Just go into your igloo on Friday, and watch your puffles interact with all of their toys! I can’t wait! How about you?

Waddle on! – Puff Daddie2

Series 2 Mix and Match Figure Packs!

8 02 2009

Hey Everybody!

I got this information from a friend on Youtube, and Mimo777 also posted about it, so I thought I would too! Club Penguin is going to come out VERY soon with Club Penguin, Series 2 Mix and Match Figure Packs.

This dude is selling each one on Ebay for 14.95. A little expensive! Here are all the links, and make sure you view all of the pictures by clicking “View Larger Picture.” I’m gonna wait until Toys R Us comes out with them online! Anyway, here are all of the links.

Series 2 Disney CLUB PENGUIN 2″ Mix ‘N Match Figure Pack featuring BAND MEMBER PARTY PACK

Series 2 Disney CLUB PENGUIN 2″ Mix ‘N Match Figure Pack featuring SECRET AGENT and ROOKIE

2 Disney CLUB PENGUIN 2″ Mix ‘N Match Figure Pack featuring SNOWBOARDER and PAJAMA BUNNY SLIPPERS.

Series 2 Disney CLUB PENGUIN 2″ Mix ‘N Match Figure Pack featuring PHARAOH and MUMMY

Gary the Gadget Guy is not listed on Ebay because obviously he is very rare! But click the link below to view the back of the Series 2 box for mix and match figures, and you will be able to see what Gary looks like and what he comes with. It comes with Gary The Gadget Guy himself, a table, a suitcase, and a robot.

Click here to view the back of the boxes.

It seems like the Series 2 toys are coming with more items. SWEET! Can’t wait to get them!

Waddle on! – Puff Daddie2